High-tech equipment of IAN Clinic

At the IAN clinic, for breast surgeries, forehead lifts and mid-face lifts, we accurately dissect the tissue using high tech endoscope by Stryker of USA, resulting in minimum bleeding and damage of tissue. Therefore, quick, safe and less painful surgeries are possible.

For facial bone surgeries., accurate, less swelling and less painful surgeries are possible using the TPS equipment by Stryker of USA.

For liposuctions, EVA sp2, the latest lipo-matic equipment by Euromi of Belgium enables less painful and less swelling liposuctions resulting in beautiful and well balanced bodyline.

By using Eporex of Italy, VC by Dr. Kameyama of Japan, patients can experience the top quality aesthetic therapies of premium skin whitening and anti-aging which are distinguishably outstanding.

We promise the “Accurate & Safe Surgeries” using the state of art medical equipment listed below.

Various laser
  • Lyton ND-Yag Laser
  • Carboxy therapy
  • Co2 Fractional laser
  • IPL laser( Jeisys cellec)
  • Skin Rejuvenation laser
  • Depilight
  • Long ND-YAG
Special aesthetic equipment


Medical Technology, with EPOREX K69, has optimised a system of cutaneous transport on the basis of a large number of accredited studies and research, in paricular the research in the field of physical mechanisms that increase the penetration and spread of active principles into the epidermis.

With Eporex K69 we are creating a new generation of transdermal delivery system, bringing about the synergy of already known techniques such as IonophoresisIontophoresis,Electroporation through an innovative method for active molecular transcutaneous transport that we call ISOPHORESIS.

With Isophoresis an attempt has been made to optimise the transport method to avoid the limits posed by techniques used in the past, the poor concentration of active principle, the limited depth reached in the tissue, the damage of the tissue due to the intense currents induced.
The Isophoresis and Eporex K69 represent the avantagarde in skin treatments and in particular the cure of cellulite.

New research has already been carried out in various countries with outstanding results representing the future of this new needle-free tecnique:


VC Iontophoresis by Dr. Kameyama

Dr.Kameyama’s Vitamine Delivary Machine
An iontophoretic machine specially designed by Dr. Kameyama. It is an up-graded pulse type that cross injects not only vitamin C & E, but also the superior magnesium that strengthens the skin barrier to accelerate skin rejuvenation. This system is clinically proven with the result that is 30 times superior than applying vitamin C directly on skin. This machine is owned by Aoyama Dermatology Clinic in Tokyo, Japan. And in Korea, owned solely by Hyoung Aesthetic Clinic.
Equipment for Endoscopic Breast surgeries, Forehead lifts and Mid-face lifts

Stryker 988 3Chip Digital Camera & Stryker L9000 Light Source

Liposuction equipment


The EVA sp®2 is composed by a control box regulating the compressed air supply to the Lipomatic® which allows the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture and a high speed aspirator.

The EVA sp®2 was designed for doctors who wants to work with their own infiltration system.

The EVA sp®2  includes:

  • Lipomatic® 3
  • EVA sp®2 control box
  • High-speed Aspirator
  • Complete set of cannulas
  • Accessories

Advantages :

  • Shorter operative time and post-operative recovery
  • Less tiring and more precise work
  • Treatment of all the zones of the body
  • Reduction of the pain
  • Reduction of the risks occurring with other techniques (manual or assisted)
Maxillofacial surgery equipment

Stryker TPS

The Stryker Total Performance System is intended for use in the cutting, drilling, decorticating, and smoothing of bone and other bone related tissue in a variety of surgical procedures. It is also used for the placement or cutting of screws, wires, pins, and other fixation devices as it can be used to cut metal.