Endoscopic forehead lifting
After dividing periorbital ligament and periostium on brow area using high resolution endoscopy, elevate whole area of forehead including temporal region and fix with endotine. Incision area is small(about 2cm) and the surgery is performed while looking directly through endoscopy, therefore the bleeding is and recovery periods are minimal.
↑ Midface lifting using high resonance endoscopy.
Mid-face lifting (Aging process)
  • Looking in the endoscopy through temporal fascia, elevating and lifting whole layer of skin flap toward zygomatic bone.

  • Lower blepharoplasty performed concomitantly with midface lifting.In the procedure of lower blepharoplasty, through the incision, whole layer of skin flap above zygomatic bone is lifted upward and fixed with endotine.Through this method, hang down zygomatic fat pad (Drooped malar fat pad) is lifted upward and at the same time, excessive or wrinkled skin on lower eyelid will improve without any additional recovery period. This brilliant new method will enable patients to go back to daily activities quicker than any other methods.

↑ Method of mid-face lift
↑ Aging procedure of mid-face.
  • Lower face, neck wrinkle lifting
    In this procedure, not only the skin but the SMAS layer under the skin is lifted and also, the plastysma around the neck is elavated resulting in long effect after the surgery. Fine surgery method with minimal bleeding is the merit of our clinic which enables patients to recover fast without pain.

↑ Drooped malar fatpad lifted upward

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