Breast augmentation


  • Transaxillary incision (Endoscopy surgery)
  • Periareola
  •  Submammary incision


  • Subpectoral; Under muscle
  • Subglandula; Above muscle
  • Dual plane; Under muscle on upper part & above muscle on lower part
* For breast augmentations, individual preconsultation with the surgeon is necessary because, different methods are used on different patients. With a long experience, most of the surgeries can be done without the fear of general anesthesia or drainage. Most of patients can go home within 2~3 hours after the surgery.
Breast reduction & mastopexy
Not recommended to younger patients who would be concerned about surgery scars. Periareolla incision (Benelli technique) would leave the scar only around periareolar, however, too much skin removal will cause flattened nipple areolar complex leaving an unnatural look. Vertical incision direct method is the most common. The surgery is recommended to patients with shoulder and back pain due to heavy breasts and patients with severe skin problems like eczema due to close contact of breast and other skin parts.
Nipple surgery
Treatment of Gynecomatia & Accesory breast
  • Gynecomatia surgery: In most cases, subcutaneous mastectomy is needed rather than lipo-suction, because of enlargement of parenchyme.
  • Revision breast surgery: After sonograpic diagnosis, consultation on methods of surgery while viewing various case photos with is needed.
↑ Photos of before and after the surgery