Malar Reduction
Can be performed with monitored sedation anesthesia without the fear of general anesthesia. Malar reduction using our refined technique does not cause much postoperative swelling and other problems such as step deformity or skin drooping. And also our method can produce more satisfactory result. Patient can feel the result quickly after the surgery. No formal bandage applying is necessary, however two weeks of gargling is needed. No serious swelling would occur, but patient may have 3~4 days of minor swelling. In most cases, patient may go back to general daily activities within 5~7 days.
Reduction of box shaped mandible
Before and after the facial reshaping surgery
Forehead plasty and augmentation
ⅰ) Insertion of implant: Surgery using patient’s own implant made by cast molding.

Bloody effusion
- incidency; about 5%
- Can be treated through needle aspiration, however recurrence occasionally may occur

ⅱ) Fat graft

ⅰ) Insertion of implant
ⅱ) Osteotomy

1) After osteotomy of chin, mobilize lower segment followed by fixation of the segment.

2) After T-shaped osteotomy, perform vertical reduction of chin for V-shaped face.

Paranasal augmentation (Noble operation)
A simple surgery to create sophisticated image recommended to patients with “Unfriendly Face”, caused by protruded mouth or flattened paranasal area.
- Simply insert implant after a very small incision (about 1cm) in the inner mouth. It is called “Noble operation”, because patients are satisfied with their new sophisticated looks on their face.
Two jaw surgery and orthodontic procedures : cooperated by dentist