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Ptosis surgery
Lower eyelid surgery
The purpose of lower eyelid surgery

ⅰ) Resection of drooping skin
ⅱ) Treatment of Palpebral bulging

It is a very fine surgery aiming for the two results mentioned above.

Until the 90′s, the popular surgery methods were either placing the muscle to the periostium or removing the fat. For a short period, fat redistrbution technique was introduced, but never gained much interest.

In the 2000′s, thinking palpebral bulgings are caused by attenuation of anterior structure, removing fat conservatively and strengthening the anterior structure has become popular.

In case of only removing fat to conjunctiva, has high relapse rate and cause the patient to look even older after the fat removal. Removing the fat as little as possible and strengthening the anterior structure is the recent trend.

Also, performing lower eyelid surgery and same incision concomitantly, elavating midface flap from periostium of zygoma and then doing to fixation by endotine, mid-face lifting results can be expected. Therefore, results are much more effective with about the same recovery perod.

Lower blepharoplasty performed with concomitant mid-face lifting.
In the procedure of lower blepharoplasty, lifting and fixing the entire skin layers of zygoma upward using endotine.
↑This surgery is to correct drooping malar fat pad due to aging.

- Merits : The recovery period is similar to lower blepharoplasty, both local anesthesia and sedation anesthesia are possible.

The correction of Brow Ptosis(Endoscopic forehead lifting)
With aging, occurs the droopings of upper eye-lid and the surrounding skin. In case the ptosis is not severe, removing the skin of upper eye lid should be enough. In severe case of brow ptosis not showing improvement after the skin removal, performing endoscopic forehead lift through minimal incision(about 2 cm) can expect much more effective and natural looking results. (Refer to face lifing).
↑ Midface lifting and Endoscopic forehead lifting
(Refer to face lifing)